Our purpose


The purpose of the Independent School of Philosophy is to provide a forum for the study of the fundamental philosophical problems and classic ancient and modern philosophical texts.


Our Classes

We offer both introductory and more advanced classes. The introductory classes are intended to be accessible to you, whether or not you have studied philosophy before. The only prerequisite is an interest in the broader questions of life and there are no requirements, exams or grading. Active participation is entirely optional, but encouraged: learning in these texts and questions is helped by your articulating what you think along the way. Most classes will be capped so that everyone who wants to participate in the conversation is able to.


The first page of the first modern edition of Plato, by Henri Estienne (1578).

Estienne published under his Latin name, Henricus Stephanus, and all modern works on Plato now refer to the text by the “Stephanus numbers” of the page and sections beginning with 2a of the Euthryphro above.

A reader has underlined the words, “[Yes], for it is correct to care for the young so that they’ll become the best possible, just as it’s fitting for a good farmer to care for the young plants first, and then the rest” (2d1-4).